Why Us?

Competitive Pricing

We at JR Shawls give the best competitive Price to our customers with minimum margin.

Quality Assurance

Strict quality controls from product development to final production are maintained.


Experience rich customisation options when you design your ultimate brand scarf.

World-Wide Delivery

We export our Shawls & Scarves to countries across the globe. Our delivery partners (FedEx, DHL, UPS) ensure your order is delivered on time and at lowest shipping prices.

Sustainable Material

Our goal is to produce our collections with less impact on the environment, while never compromising our high quality standards.

Variety of Products

Dealing in all kind of Yarns & Fabrics.


100% Silk

Cashmere Modal

Silk Modal

We offer sizes as:

200 x 70 cms

200 x 100 cms

100 x 100 cms

70 x 180 cms

50 x 180 cms

  • We develop sample for your custom scarf design and only start bulk production after your approval.
  • We ship the scarves and shawls directly to your doorstep on the expected date.